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About Prestitia

Prestitia is a young and dynamic company that aims to provide good quality products. We always go all-out to achieve the highest level of "customer satisfaction". Our advanced e-commerce policy, highly experienced purchase team, flexible storage systems and fashionable art customer provides the customer with:  


  • Larger variety of products
  • Excellent shopping experience
  • On-time delivery
  • No hidden cost
  • Quick resolution to any problem


PRESTITIA stands for innovation and creativity creating Intimate wear with Superior Comfort, Quality and High Fashion Quotient. We implement rigorous design and quality standards to produce superior products both for special occasions and every day wear that deliver value for money. All our products are the result of best practices from the tissues to the extent and fashion. Our products get to you after going through a series of quality checks of all that you consider when you decide to take. Years of experience in retail and a sharp focus on creating not only clothes, but memorable experiences for you, dictate our working standard. Each stitch, color, fabric etc. means to say everything of our product has been designed and developed to make you feel comfortable.


Why the name Prestitia? What is the meaning behind it?

In this gender biased world what really matters for a woman is to feel confident from inside even the lingerie that she is wearing. This boost her confidence level and to mover round without any hesitation in front of her male colleague. And what one wears instils confidence in one. Hence, we chose the name “PRESTITIA”, which in Italian language is synonymous to confidence.